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Core Features


We’ll work with you to flesh out your game’s story, mechanics, and visual style, ensuring every element seamlessly blends into a cohesive masterpiece.

Art & Design:

Our team of talented artists breathes life into your characters, environments, and UI/UX, crafting immersive worlds that capture players’ hearts.


Our tech wizards weave their magic with code, building robust gameplay systems, fine-tuning mechanics, and ensuring your game runs flawlessly across platforms.

QA & Testing

We meticulously polish your game, iron out every bug, and ensure a smooth, unforgettable experience for every player.

Launch & Support

We don’t leave you hanging after launch! We’ll handle marketing, player support, and ongoing updates, ensuring your game continues to thrive and captivate audiences.

Bespoke Services

Mobile Game Development

We conquer the mobile market with engaging, optimized games that fit perfectly in players’ pockets.

PC & Console Development

We take your game to the big screen with stunning visuals, deep mechanics, and immersive narratives that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Let’s step into the future with cutting-edge VR and AR experiences that blur the lines between reality and the game world.

Core Gaming Services

Augmented Reality

Best AR Services Kenya | App Development, Marketing, Training | Custom Solutions.Award-Winning AR in Kenya | Captivate Users, Boost ROI | ✨ Stunning visuals, advanced tech | Let’s build your AR experience!

Unity 3D

Kenya’s Unity Masters: Breathtaking 3D Games & Experiences. Unleash your vision, captivate audiences. Level Up Your Game: Kenya’s premier Unity 3D studio.

Casual Games

Best Casual Games Kenya | Mobile Game Development, Live Ops, Monetization | ✨ Custom Art & Design |Award-Winning Kenya Casual Dev .

Virtual Reality

Best VR Services Kenya | VR Game Development, Training Solutions, Custom Experiences | ✨ Hardware & Software Integration |


Best Metaverse Services Kenya | Metaverse Game Development, Virtual Experiences, AR Integration | ✨ Custom Avatar & World Design |

Unleash Your Playful Vision: About Kenya's Leading Game Developers

Here's what sets us apart:

  • A team of passionate veterans: We bring years of experience, diverse skillsets, and boundless creativity to every project. From seasoned programmers to innovative artists and experienced game designers, we’re a symphony of talent playing in perfect harmony.
  • Unwavering dedication to quality: We don’t settle for good enough. Every line of code, every brushstroke, every pixel of animation is poured over with meticulous care. We strive for AAA-quality experiences that redefine expectations and leave players in awe.
  • A global mindset with a local touch: We understand the international gaming landscape, but our hearts beat for Kenya. We champion African narratives and talent, showcasing the richness and vibrancy of our continent on a global stage.

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The Home Game Development In Kenya

Absolutely! At Black Shepherd Technologies ,We love working with passionate creators to transform their concepts into engaging games. Tell us about your vision, and we'll guide you through the development process, from initial brainstorming to polished final product.

We have a diverse team with expertise in various genres, including mobile games, PC games, console games, VR/AR, and more. Whether it's a thrilling puzzle game, an action-packed adventure, or an immersive simulation, we can make it happen.

Not at all! We welcome everyone, from seasoned developers to first-time dreamers. We offer full game development services, from concept art and design to programming and testing. You focus on your creative vision, and we handle the technical side.

The cost of game development depends on various factors like game complexity, genre, platform, and development time. However, we offer transparent pricing models and flexible options to suit your budget. We'll work with you to find the best solution for your game.

We don't just create games; we help them thrive! We offer ongoing support for marketing, monetization, and bug fixes to ensure your game reaches its full potential and keeps players engaged.

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